Saturday, March 19, 2011

Puppy Linux. It just plain works. Less of a review and more of a user report .

I have been using Puppy Linux since about it's 2.X releases. The current "stable for me" version is Lucid Puppy AkA Wary Puppy AkA Puppy 5.

Simplest explanation is that you download the ISO, burn to CD or DVD, or a Bootable USB drive and it loads into RAM. Which makes it really fast. It can be a daily tool for making life easy.

Running in the RAMdisk mode makes your session a scratch paper type of event.

Reboot, not saving session- and it's like a fresh install due to it being literally that. It's that easy. If you save sessions, you may be able to pick up just where you left off.

If it's a shared computer like a family or dorm or lunchroom etc, using Puppy from a CD on a Non-Burner drive makes data hygiene a much simpler matter. Running a Linux Distro in RAM on a machine with no persistent storage is not just for professional needs. Reboot- answer a few queries- and it's a functioning computer with net access. The user experience becomes a lot less stressed. No " I broke it" worries, at least for the software that is. No Worries is my two word review of Puppy Linux. Like anything new, there's a "Learning Curve" or an "Unlearning Curve might be more accurate. Unlearning the expectations of reboots etc being a several times a shift event was neat.

Puppy is our friend.

Saving some things may warrant the effort of plugging an USB drive in to save work done or bookmarks etc. Or- Export the bookmarks to My Documents, open up whatever mail tool you choose- email the bookmarks and all in one en passant sequence- it's done. Next session- D/L the bookmarks- import and enjoy.

No hassles for all practical uses in "my life" sums it up. I even found a PET package for Google Voice. Cups found my older HP printer- and it just- worked. Puppy mounted my collection of weird legacy media like Dane-Elec flash drives plus laptop drives plugged into USB readers. And stacked microsd in an adaptor kludge soon to be posted in Orenism. Puppy just mounted the media- copy dialog a bit less than simple drag&drop till I figured out the quirks. then it was fast and easy. I so far have been able to avoid booting in MS for several days at a time with this version of Puppy.

The summary- Puppy Linux may be a MS Windows replacement for many users.


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