Saturday, March 19, 2011

My wife sleeping next to me as I click on keys.

Twenty Years. Most of that spent about as close as we are now or closer. No, not 24 hours a day, but the times apart have been for the usual reasons like work, other family obligations.

Our professional lives seem to have worked out with a set of balances between our own "jobs" and her Campground.

We live there. That's posted to save describing how and why I am doing some of what I do.

It's a Sunday morning now- been so for an hour. She's asleep next to me on out front room couch. I had to be AFK a few moments covering her up with a second blanket. I felt cold- so I put a blanket on my wife. That's what Twenty Years does for a couple.

I am now considering waking her up and us going to bed. Or we'll be both found on this couch in the morning, stiff from sleeping sitting up. I should be smarter than that. Smart enough to walk away from this computer instead of clicking keys all night.

Despite not knowing in unaided memory the rightful attribution, that closing line seems too good not to use tonight. Attribution's an important thing. Not having a "Dead Tree" copy of quotations nearby forces me to search. It's who I had thought after all. Samuel Pepys.

And so to bed.


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