Saturday, May 7, 2011

More headaches with communications paths.

Details snipped as some are in limbo, but I have no phone circuit to the campground's Snack Bar at the moment. There's supposed to be a contractor scheduled to plow in new wires, but caution dictates my preparing for Something Not Working . So, a either a 900Mhz or 5.8 Ghz cordless phone will be "Range Extended" by using a VSAT dish. In theoretical models- it should work. Tomorrow, it gets tested. Tonight's scene, is placing the base station for the phone in a weather box. Mounting the weatherboxed base unit to an old dish- testing it so tomorrow it gets clamped down facing ye olde Snack Bar. The truly neat thing about recent Uniden phones-they use standard NiMh AA cells just like any other consumer gadget! no soldered odd packs. And, there's a second charge cradle.

Wow, no hacking charge contacts or soldering together battery packs.

That leaves me time to post details here, Duct tape the box to dish etc

And soon, to bed


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