Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer from spring again. More little projects... Cooling instead of heating's the current change.

Screens into windows and oiling fans for another summer. All the comforting chores that make a difference in how easy life can get. I've got a new ceiling fan to hang in the living room and maybe this year my ambitions of a "whole house" pressure fan pulling cool ground level air in may come true.

The idea is- a large furnace blower gets mounted in a box with inlet filters, discharge is into the house. Keeps the house under enough positive pressure that in theory, dust etc is mitigated and it stays cooler with windows open.

Plans to cover my roof with mylar reflective stuff are bumped up a few levels too..

My side of the front room couch has a Dish sat box for the Sirius music programming. Gotta love having a 24/7 Grateful Dead Chan. That's fed to a FM xmitter so the bedroom radio can be sleeping music.

I may be adding pics of some Hacked stuff in the house. Like the water pipes surface mounted to the ceiling, and a cordless phone base station in a tupperware box on my front porch used to have phone service on the other side of our big lake.

We have begun to consider such Hackery almost unremarkable around here :>

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