Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We had a 3 point hitch "grading blade" break it's left side pin for the second time last night.

It had been already welded once and a NOS pin unit was over $100.
I commented on FB and some folks asked to see it. Here it is..

So, I took a long upper link style pin and bolted it in place using some heavy metal plate stock as clamp blocks. The brutally fugly hack seems to be holding.  First picture is the undamaged right side, second is the bolted plates fix. It only needs to last till we either get a NOS replacement or fabricate a proper one.  Do notice that part of the whole "reason" for the massive block OEM part is as  corner structural bracing. So this hackery is NOT going to be used for long.  But? It's a thereifixedit in action. Oh- the reason for the tie wire at pin's end is so if it comes apart- we hopefully won't lose the pin in the gravel we're moving around on our roads.

Is where this example of battle damage repair lives. Wife owns a campground and the above is how we keep it alive since gasoline has been lowered to $ 3.29 again.. Billions of profits for the oil companies and we let them control us. The Ford Jubilee that blade is attached to "could" easily run on Ethanol and may do so sooner rather than later too. Or digester gas. Or wood gas. OPEC Delenda Est?

I'm sort of unconcerned by anyone not wanting me to work for them after reading an anti-OPEC comment! As any American who is promoting OPEC's interests over America's is guilty of Treason.


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