Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mornings. Can make or break my whole day.

I'm the one seen holding that cup with DRAMA overlaid by CircleSlash..Yes- the old NO DRAMA symbology..

That cup logo is the shortest almost Glyph or Icon to describe my present outlook on all of life.

Well, that overview includes the need to NOT be around TV at the BC part of my day. BC=Before Coffee, that is. The sacred alkaloid is that which lowers my desire to use Elvis's chosen TV-B-Gone from imperative to merely wishful thinking. Same for the total avoidance of any Fscking Drama while I'm not yet human. I rather suspect much of our world's simply too overloaded to Grok any sort of Cause>Affect association between morning of Drama or Calm and how they "Live" this life.

Absent it being Burning/Melting/Bleeding etc, there's not much I can think of that can't wait till after Food&Coffee to be dealt with.

As after digesting Food&Coffee I'm so much more effective.


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