Friday, October 28, 2011

Signal boosting for our future- STEM and our children.

I have Grandchildren. Their education is of major importance to me, so everything educational is looked at carefully whenever possible. This morning I found a Blogpost that is spot on target for what America and our children- YOUR children- Desperately need to be involved in. There were links in the post that need some more exposure to raise awareness.

STEM is the term for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. I can safely state that my personal observation of what most schools offer today in STEM is criminally deficient. So deficient that I feel it properly should invoke Glenn Seaborg's comment about it being Cause for War had our educational system beeninflicted upon us by a foreign power. And perhaps it has been so inflicted if you study the economy?

Snipping political discourse for the sake of our children's future, Are we doing everything possible to have our children's education in STEM be the best we can offer? The post below and links in it may be real eye openers if we spread their messages and programs.

Thanks in advance for reading them. And for forwarding the link to everyone who cares about children.

The post speaks for itself on anything farther involved.


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