Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hackerspace and Ethics.

To pre-empt any drama. Yes- I associate both online and IRL with Hackerdom and it's members.

No- I do not condone ethics violations in the workplace or in any way entangled with work.

Same with politics. My 9-5 is firewalled from my personal life and that's an impermeable barrier- no exceptions.

Outside of work? My personal guide line is starkly simple- If it has to be questioned about right or wrong- that's a warning in and of itself.

All the above says what it means and means what it says. Ethics are inherently a Zero tolerance pass/fail test in life. The degrees of fail are based on witting or unwitting fail and if it's malice or a lack of information. Ignorantia Nihil et all has some real world fails of it's own though. I recently saw a situation with near zero documentation of work rules. Which inherently makes for Very Bad Things of the " had no way to know" orbits.

Hence this post.

Think about why might be a good question?


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