Thursday, September 27, 2012

I get asked to recover files when Something Very Bad has happened to a device. My first question tends to be dependent on the person's background. From that, more often than not- It's a safe guess which people make frequent down&uploads to sync their devices with cloud AND personal storage redundancy. So asking about last known good backup is often proof of a strategic concept.

Backup or lose it .

The people who are not asking me to recover files back up frequently to many places and devices for redundancy.  They are the least frequent to be asking for help in retrieving files.

That's said as a pre-emptive strategy. If you back it up to at least 3 places, you have "less chance" of losing data. Data includes pictures, Bookmarks, and anything that you may have the only copy of at all.  I'm polishing an integrated details "How-To streamlining my training sessions for "Data Loss Risk Reductions"  but pending the DLRR course getting finished- here's a link to someone who shows one way of self-rescue from Something Very Bad befalling a Windows install. It's slightly dated but still works.  


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