Friday, November 2, 2012

Election fears. and openly declaring my contempt for Kleptocratic Oligarchy.

 I am one of those who PROUDLY uses an expanded vocabulary.

This way to the Egress.

It was the way a word can become an instrument of deceit. Egress is an expanded vocabulary term for EXIT. Well- we're seeing an impending egress from truth. We can quibble all day long about one party platform or another. The single focus to me is on truth. In a voting machine- it is often termed a "Logic and Accuracy" test.  Defined as testing if the output matches the input. And I am openly SCREAMING that not having an inked or punched audit trail is inherently enabling  fraud. It's why we should have declared an instant and public Grand Jury inquest into Romney owning even through blinds etc- VOTING MACHINES.  Obscenity sort of fails me now. so I substitute a not considered yet obscene term for whatever childish epithets I'd be at risk of loosing.   Kleptocratic Oligarchy.

Is a good explanation.

Read it and weep.


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